Two great empires of Ashlock and Karpeth have expanded meet at the Straight of Pughla. Each has a presence on either side of the straight Ashlock has the the Dread Citadel of Bathzala facing the sprawling city of Petradawn.

Each side seems to determined to test it’s strength by engaging the other. For various reasons the two empires are unable to commit their full stength to this war so sorties, stock piling, spies and assinations are the tools of the war.

With both sides obsessed with each other the lands around the settelements is growing wild and dangerous. Creatures that were hidden for years come skulking into the light and the areas are now known as The Badlands.

The area facing the straights on either side is commonly called No Man’s Land. The area is rife with guard patrols, magic defences, deserters and sorties from the oposing power. This blasted and scared area is dangerous to all sides and worse it is said that the area has attracted the intest of the berserk god Thorranna whose influenence has resulted in skirmishes between parties on the same side.

With the two “super powers” of the continent engaged the other powers of this world seek to exploit the situation and need to an flames of the war to do so.

Disputed Territory