Drooling Ollox

Drooling Ollox The greatest king of the orcs

Drooling Ollox was regarded as the greatest king that orcs have ever had. Under his clever but aggressive leadership he led the invasion of the surface and the taking of the town of Langar.

He was noted for his bad temper and his oversized fangs. He could not cloth his mouth leading to his nick-name of drooling. Early in his reign anyone calling him it would have had their throat ripped out but in later years it became a term of respect.

He slew the previous king Might Tualaz in single combat. He wounded his gut 134 times with his knive before ripping out the then kings throat.

He died at the first battle of Langar at the hands of his own bodyguard for fear that he would kill them in his rage at the defeat.

Many orc leaders claim descent from Ollox and some claim that they pocess items of his which mark them as great rulers. Whether there is any truth to these claims remains to be seen…

Drooling Ollox

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